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Can your job change a life?

Have you ever thought if you could make a difference in a person’s life, which allowed them to live a life as normal as possible, and as independent as possible, would you?

How could your job change a life, make someone smile and “Live Life Simple”?

The other day I was at my son’s local soccer club and a fellow mother was asking me what our profession is, once I advised her we install TVs, AV Audio and most of all we turn houses into smart homes.

We ensure your house is the smartest & simplest on the block with one touch, one app (a whole house or just a basic package where customers can add as they go). She could not believe it, she didn’t even know about a smart home, what it entailed, the options and the solutions available. Tears streamed down her face……

She was so excited about the possibilities of how a smart home could help her disabled husband feel independent, living life as normal as possible and she wished everyone knew more about this.

Here at Smart Homes Melbourne Vision & Sound our motto is family, community, live life simple and connecting to your home.

This made me think about disabilities, pensioners and what can smart homes MVS do to better the smart world. We then spoke about some basic options to automate her house as Smart Homes are not only glitz and glamour but more importantly are:

· Convenience – Doorbell rings, TV screen comes on to show you in full range who is at the door then opening the door with your smart phone to let in your career, automatic feeder for pets, security, lights come on to alert you of intruder or danger, strip light colours alert you of danger or a voice command.

· Energy Efficiency – Blinds can be automated to go up and down to cool or to keep a house warmer. Controlling your house temperature.

We discussed how smart homes could control temperature, lights, devices, security, appliances utilising Control4 and other devices via a smart home tablet, phones smart phones, remote including cost saving whilst being energy efficient. Door locks, door sensors, motion sensors, video doorbells and the possibilities are endless.

Some examples below:

“Doorbell rings & your TV screen shows your career at the door” You unlock the door and let them in.

“Doorbell rings & your delivery driver is dropping off a parcel, open door he can slide it ion & then close the door”.

“If you don’t know the delivery driver or don’t feel safe with who is at the door, talk to them to leave the parcel at the door step”.

“Push notifications sent to your phone”.

“Voice control to help for visually impaired”.

“Controlling your lights and temperature of your house”.

“Lights different colours to alert danger “or “ Lights come on to alert danger”.

“Lights can go on to alert and support hearing impediments”.

“Strip lights turn on bright red to alert intruder or someone around the area”.

“Intrusion line crossing in set areas, alerts you, intruder.”

All these devices talking to one another can transform lives and hep anyone “live life simple”, simplifying there home and connecting you to your smart home at the same time increasing your property value. Brings me to the conclusion, how can we help councils, friends, families, disabilities, pensioners and if so how can we better our community?