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What pet do you have? Do you love pets? Meet Bella our family cat, she is always by our side. Sadly our one year old Bella was unfortunately run over by a car. We were told by our local vet her leg will most likely be amputated. As you can image our family was mortified!

To our surprise Bella ended up in surgery and her leg was not amputated, instead her leg was saved with three screws, may I add in a spot that was vertcially impossible to screw the bone in place! We thank Templestowe Vet till this day!🙏🙏.

For months Bella was taken care of day and night by our family and she now runs around freely, happy as ever. Australians love their pets and more and more of us are starting to use Smart Homes for our animals. When we are away Bella gets worried and is not the same. Can pets suffer from anxiety if you are away? Are they use to human interaction. Can we help them hear and see human interaction by talking to them whilst we are away at the shops, friends or holiday house? The answer is simply “YES”.

Today’s technology and smart homes allows us to interact with our loved pets via intercom system, sensors, push notifications, unlock your house door, close your door, security, sound system, smartphone or touchscreen. Today a smart home pet can be automatically feed, spoken to and loved in many ways. Read more👇 on how to pamper your pet while you are away.