Control Home Automation

Your Control4 home is powered by a system controller—the brain of your home. Then, by using a Control4 interface—like a handheld remote, a wall keypad, or touch screen—your Melbourne total access control can conveniently connect to wired and wireless devices, allowing you to adjust the thermostat, start music throughout the house, close the shades or garage door, or perform many of these actions in unison.

From a full smart lighting line to audio equipment, thermostats, cameras, speakers and beyond, Control4 developed products that enhance your security, comfort, convenience, and entertainment at home, making life simple in Melbourne with your access control system.

With total access control systems there’s no need for separate apps to control the shades, thermostat, and a light bulb. Replace them all with one that manages and controls all of these devices together.

You’ll be amazed when you can prepare the house on your way home by dialing back the temperature, closing the shades, and bringing up the lights—without jumping app-to-app. House divided? No worries, we have both iOS and Android users covered. Total Melbourne access control, sit back & enjoy.