Networking – Smart Home Wi-Fi Automation

Today’s lifestyle challenges include many devices used at home, these devices are growing rapidly and used simultaneously. With so many families working from home this lifestyle change has placed a heavy network demand and fast internet connection solutions are now a necessity. Technology in the average home has become more advanced and with lots more devices requiring internet connection, from TVs, IP Cameras, video intercom, smart appliances to smart phones. Even the smallest home or smart home requires more than a common, off the shelf network solution to support today’s technology.

With this heavy load how can we ensure optimal performance every day with stability, strength, and speed? Simple, we will show you one of the best robust platforms around and with our experience we strive to be Melbourne best AV and smart home automation solution company. Your network is a platform that should evolve with you. DIY may seem a lower cost option but is it really? At what cost? Today so many homes are serviced with low-cost solutions that some customers a losing out on the full benefits of their new smart home.

Our Melbourne smart home networking team delivers wired and wireless solutions to build a solid network for small to large homes. When planning a new build, it is best to pre -wire cable for your devices and networking but if something is missed don’t be too disappointed as we have brilliant wireless solutions. For us to provide you with the fastest speed and best network solutions it is important for the team to get to know you, your requirements, needs and concerns. We require to know the type and size of your home, your lifestyle at home, types of smart home devices and technology you have or will have, your smart device usage and any home design considerations.

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