Outdoor Living Automation Melbourne

We can create the same kind of seamlessly automated and integrated experience outside that you already enjoy indoors. The sky is literally the limit to what you can add to your outdoor living areas. From outdoors rated TVs, music from hidden landscaped speakers, pool and spa control, outdoor WiFi , outdoor lighting, and more. Having an outdoor Melbourne home entertainment experience is even more important to us these days & this is why our smart homes outdoor Melbourne living is thriving. Entertaining your smart home outdoor living and garden area in Melbourne is an unforgettable experience.

Program automated scenes to get the party started, or one touch to turn everything off after the last guest has left for the evening. You can even change the tone or color of your lighting and customize scenes to the season or even a single party, adding the correct Smart Home Residential Solutions in Melbourne for Melbourne homes. Call our Smart Home residential specialist in Melbourne to see and show you what we have to offer.