Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to smart homes
Yes, we are a Control4 Certified Dealer?
Yes, via our website and case studies.

Smart home technology is on the rise, but many wonders do I really need to connect basic household objects like a light bulb to the Internet?

But just imagine life a few years back before smart televisions. Eventually, smart home technology will become as normal as smart TVs.

Reselling can assist you with smart home and for those not wishing to resell, a smart thermostat reduced energy consumption. Upgrading also makes it more secure with connected lights and security cameras that can light up and record on motion to capture footage.

Begin by looking around your home and noticing the little annoyances that you wish could be automated. I love to cook in the kitchen; therefore, I talk to Alexa and she guides me with a recipe.

If you constantly adjusting thermostat, you probably need a smart thermostat. If you or the kids leave lights on then smart lighting will benefit you. Dislike of dark or concerned about theft then security is for you.

We partner with the world’s leading brands and products. So no matter what devices or systems are in your home, chances are, Control4 can control and manage them. From the pool to thermostats, gates to garage doors, entertainment to security systems—and almost anything in between—our open platform and commitment to interoperability gives you the most in third-party choice.
The true beauty of a Control4 Smart Home is that it is uniquely programmed to your lifestyle—tailored to the way your family lives, making life a little more convenient and a lot more enjoyable. Our interoperability leadership makes it easy for your dealer to include your favorite devices and systems into your smart home set-up to deliver this very customized experience.
Yes, smart homes are affordable. Talk to us about packages. There was a time it was recognised only as luxury with Control4 MVS have made it affordable.
Planning is a must; we design and review your plans and discuss all options. We work with you, the builder, or the architect. It is best to install during the build however we have solutions for built and completed homes.
No, please do not fall into the trap of multiple apps, Control4 has one app, and we can start with basics and add later if you wish. We are here for you during, and after installation. The benefit to this is the devices can talk to each other as it is one app.
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An integrated home is characterized by the combining of elements from many different sub-systems to function together as one.

As experts in the home systems integration, a Smarthome is the solution to a home designed for the lifestyles of today and technologies of the future.

MVS specializing in the design and installation of structured wiring, distributed audio, home theatre, lighting control, security systems, and more — staying on the cutting edge of technology while meeting the ever-changing needs of your customers.

Build with Technology

Systems to enhance the life of your customers with added comfort, savings, convenience & peace of mind.

Utilizeing Shading & Lighting system to save additional energy beyond the routine.
Give you peace of mind to your customers so they can see what is happening at their home even when they’re not there.
A well designed hard-wired and wireless Home Network is necessary for robust communication.

Customers can enjoy their favourite music and video in any rooms with simple controls.

Bring movies home and experience entertainment at its best!

Why a Smart Home?

High-Tech is in high demand

Smart home technology is no longer just a desired upgrade – it is becoming an expected feature in any new home.

By joining MVS Smart Builders Program as a builder-partner, you’re meeting the demands of today’s homebuyer and differentiating your project from the others.

Why Control4?

Control 4 is a true leader in the home automation industry who offers the broadest range of Solutions and is always evolving. Contro4 offer over 14,000 compatible device, have a support group and they take offerings to a whole new level. The way we build homes today is very different from a few years ago, we should think carefully on how we pre wire for internet, TV & audio.

The client should have the ability to start small and add additional automation features later and yes it’s cost effective to home owners, builders and architects.

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Experiences rather than devices

You’re already including lights, thermostats, door locks, garage doors, and security devices in your projects.

Rather than having these devices function independently, differentiate your business by offering a truly smart home experience to your prospective home buyers that gives them the ability to control and manage all of these devices on one system – while at home or away.

Why MVS?

MVS Smart Home Automation have a trusted team of professional technicians with over 30 years’ experience in smart home automation.

MVS Smart Home Automation have extensive expertise in the implementation of home technology projects and deliver high and complex projects with Control4 the world smart home technology.

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