Smart Home Interior Designers

An interior designer or architect may tell you that deciding where to place a TV in a room or a room not to block any view is a big challenge but our experience of 30 years plus with integration solutions, home theatres, technology, smart homes, and display lifts will make this decision simple. Smart homes or home theatre set ups no longer need to interfere with the look or feel of a designed space.

Our experienced solutions guarantee entertainment will no longer interfere with design, if anything it will give your client a clean and minimal aesthetic look. We help you integrate automated solutions and show you ways to maximise functionality of space. What makes this a smooth transition for both parties is our confidence of over 30 years’, our experience working with Home Automation for Architects & Builders, and interior designers with pressable deadlines.

Home automation is not just a trend anymore, it is a game changer, a cost saving for your client. Our bespoke state of the art technology entertainments solutions will change your projects to stand out above the rest. Let us match your room aesthetic to blend seamlessly into your space. We will also tag you on social media and collaborate as a team. Talk to us today regarding incentives and referrals.

Below are projects ideas where we have worked with architects and designers to combine interior design, simplicity, lifestyle, and energy savings.

Our solutions include