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Could anyone back in the day foresee how brilliantly the future and technology would grow? In the past, smart home installation’s in Melbourne were not common,  before smart homes existed, it was not possible to glance at your entire home from the other side of the world. But with today’s technology, no matter where you are, you can now stay in control of one of your most prized assets: your home.

Especially here in Melbourne, the advancements in smart home automation are transforming how we live. From saving energy and reducing power usage to conserving water, automated smart home systems offer numerous benefits. Most importantly, they enhance safety with added Smart Home Security features.

The future of smart home technology in Melbourne is truly remarkable, offering unprecedented convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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In summary, a smart home uses a smart home system which can automate your entire home from a single platform. An automation system integrates most of your favourite brands all together on one app with either voice control or a touch of the finger providing comfort, efficiency, safety, simplicity, and total automation control. Our certified smart home specialists in Melbourne will transform your home into a smart automated home, controlling your whole home remotely.

A Melbourne Automated Smart Home will require an automation system, this controls and monitors your home such as automated blinds, smart controlled lighting, controlled outdoor and indoor entertainment, TVs, visual and audio, security, pool automated control and temperature, controlled spas, controlled surround sound, music zones throughout the home, video doorbell, climate, and appliances. A  Home Automation System in Melbourne can be installed by our certified Installers and is customised and designed to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle. To further put your mind at ease this full or partial integrated smart home will have a professional smart home Melbourne certified dealer to ensure the correct questions, needs, safety, network, security requirements and living habits are in place. The reasoning behind a series of these questions is we need to know your lifestyle because a smart home is designed to ensure your home is running in tune with your life. We design smart homes to bring home, family and people you love closer together, including your animals. Most of all a smart home is best personalised by the family that will live in the smart home especially as today’s world keeps adding many changes and devices to one simple household.

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Why not a DIY then? DIY is an option, however, devices and getting all the devices to work together can involve a lot of frustration and complexity including all your devices experiencing no fluidity or unification. Thankfully our experienced smart home Melbourne technicians can handle all these concerns for you, creating a secure smart home. Our professional Melbourne team has years of knowledge, solutions, ideas and hands-on training to deliver your smart dream with ease, let us alleviate the hard work and stress by giving you the best smart home installation in Melbourne. 

Our experienced smart home Melbourne installers are a must in this field. We work with builders, architects, developers, electricals, interior designers, landscapers, real estate agents and thousands of homeowners for over 30 years with the best technology on the market with experienced solutions. Our qualified technicians have been called upon many times to work on complex smart home automation solutions in Melbourne and Sydney, working together with builders and architects, solutions and programming your dream smart home to suit your life and your family’s lifestyle. Simply put “life’s better” when a smart home works together and today’s smart home automation is truly the wonder of the 21st century.

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A smart home does not only require a qualified Melbourne professional dealer, Melbourne installer, easy to use system but also needs to fit into your budget. Our various packages are made to suit each individual smart home Melbourne, start small, go big or grow your smart home as you go. A Melbourne customised smart home has as many delights as you would like, for example, you can start with a simple video doorbell (security) or some smart lights or have a fully integrated smart home, we work around your budget and your lifestyle. We have flexible packages and choices for you to upgrade at your pace.

In summary, we hope the confusion about the word “smart” or “smart home” has now left your mind and with ease, your family can start reaping the benefits and packages of a smart home. Sit back and watch how we transform your home, business, hotel, apartment, or holiday home into an intelligent smart home with ease, convenience, and energy efficiency, remotely from anywhere around the world with support from our qualified technicians. No longer do we need to fear technology or smart home automation. Let us surprise you with the word simplicity by adding a touchscreen, voice control, smartphone app, switch on the wall, laptop, or iPad to create magic. Having your beautiful smart home Melbourne in full operation can be extremely beneficial as many of your appliances and devices are connected to one app in your home so they can talk to each other. Smart home automation is about having more benefits, elegance and convenience, it can save costs, especially with our smart home Melbourne packages. A smart home can be cheaper to live in as it is eco-friendly, saving you obvious benefits such as heat and energy. As the future increases with high water and heating/cooling prices energy cost savings are more vital. A smart automated home is designed to improve your lifestyle and change the ways in which you would previously spend energy, in turn trying to make the most out of your home and the energy consumption used.

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Below are some examples of how we customise your smart home to suit your lifestyle. This can be done in many ways, and we call these “scenes.” Keep in mind what you do, or others do will be very different and this is the beauty of a smart home, customising it to our lifestyle. We believe not all smart homes are created the same way, just as not all families are created the same way. We tailor your scenes to be just as unique as your family. This is exactly how a smart home should operate, your way, your life, your needs and keep in mind the importance of your favourite household products when automating a smart home. These products require to be unified and controlled through a smart home system. Talk to us more to find out if your products can all be managed and unified onto one system. Most different devices can be bundled together to work effortless, simultaneously be enjoyed every day, speaking the same smart home language.
Here are some real-life customer example scenes that can be created by our team.

Morning Scene

A busy family of four uses a scene called the “wake-up”. Both parents work and require security for peace of mind. In the morning it is a very busy home, and lots are going on. The first scene in Melbourne is set at 7 am for the alarm to go off, the TV favourite channel comes on, the temperature is set at a preference, kitchen light switch is turned on if it is night-time. The next scene is set at 7.30 am, coffee machine is pre-set (smart appliance). Once everyone is out the door by 8 am doors are locked, the temperature set low, TV is switched off, the security system is armed, the garage is closed, blinds are set to close and the family at any stage throughout the day can also check their smartphone to ensure everything is operating or to make many changes throughout the day. This is a great tool for energy saving, with ease all from one app, anywhere around the world with a single tap (power anything down)
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Away, throughout the day

A family of 6 on a busy main road. Security plays a very important role to this family especially as they live on the main road next to a park. Throughout the day when the parents are at work or shopping, the parents like to check in on the older kids as they come and go at different times of the day. Motion sensors automatically record a video on one app, all in one area, any visitors coming and going will be recorded and SMS notification will be sent on the phone with a picture.


A family driving around all day, not at home much would like the option of their home to be modern, automated and most of all with ease. Upon arrival in their driveway the garage door opens, and the pathway lights illuminate leading them up to their smart home, living area lights come on, the door unlocks with face recognition and when they enter their favourite playlist starts in the main room whilst the set temperature raises, the garage door has closed itself and the TV news turns on.
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A couple of two love to entertain as much as possible, a scene is set at 7 pm, just before all guests arrive. This smart home puts itself into an entertaining mode which is loved by all, the alfresco and back yard is lit up and illuminated, TV is on, and the jacuzzi fires up with the temperature set warm whilst setting the music to a favourite party playlist with their favourite surround sound speakers and garden outdoor speakers.


A family who has a junior child with an illness and requires special needs absolutely loves our smart home Melbourne , especially the automation scenes we have added. Some of the scenes include voice commands throughout the house, the child loves music to relax them and music zones are set throughout the house and including the bathrooms. Security is much needed therefore when the doorbell rings the TV screen, mobile and touchscreens show whom is at the door if it is the carer the parent or junior releases the smart lock for them to enter.

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Smart Home Residential Melbourne


We love our pets! A smart automated Melbourne home can set a scene so you can feed your pet, let your pet inside or outside at your set times, talk to your pet and see your pet live. Don’t let your pet ever feel hungry, sad, or lonely again.


A family of four kids requires lots of cooking time and the kids are on the iPad constantly, therefore, these parents love our smart home scene. Whilst preparing dinner a voice command brings the lights to the brightest level in all rooms, all music and TVs turn off and an announcement notifies the kids that it’s time to eat and get off the iPad. This scene is also added when it is homework time.
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Smart Home Automation Commercial Solutions Specialist In Melbourne

Good Night

Time for bed. This scene is fantastic for many of our smart home families. Our smart home puts your home to sleep mode, turning off exactly what you would like turned off in the home. Lights, TVs, music, and home temperature is adjusted, all blinds are down, doors are locked, a garage door is closed, the alarm is armed at night and it’s time to rest.

Why a Smart Home?

High-Tech is in high demand

Smart home technology is no longer just a desired upgrade – it is becoming an expected feature in any new home. By joining MVS Smart Builders Program as a builder-partner, you’re meeting the demands of today’s homebuyer and differentiating your project from the others.

Experiences rather than devices

You’re already including lights, thermostats, door locks, garage doors, and security devices in your projects. Rather than having these devices function independently, differentiate your business by offering a truly smart home experience to your prospective home buyers that gives them the ability to control and manage all of these devices on one system – while at home or away.

Why Control4?

Control 4 is a true leader in the home automation industry who offers the broadest range of Solutions and is always evolving. Contro4 offer over 14,000 compatible device, have a support group and they take offerings to a whole new level. The way we build homes today is very different from a few years ago, we should think carefully on how we pre wire for internet, TV & audio. The client should have the ability to start small and add additional automation features later and yes it’s cost effective to home owners, builders and architects.

Why MVS?

MVS Smart Home Automation have a trusted team of professional technicians with over 30 years’ experience in smart home automation. MVS Smart Home Automation have extensive expertise in the implementation of home technology projects and deliver high and complex projects with Control4 the world smart home technology.